Hannah is a UK based fashion photographer with Fine-arts background.  

She has experienced working in a fashion industry in London, Paris and Japan. Studio fashion photography is one of her strongest areas of speciality, but she is also confident in runway photography having experience in shooting international shows (e.g. London fashion Week).

On top of her photography skills, Hannah is excellent in post production services such as editing and retouching and often works as an on-shoot digital operative.

She also has experience in production as an accomplished production manager or within a team.

However, above all, Hannah's passion lies in travel photography and wants to always capture the essence of societies around the world.

If you would like to get in touch, please visit the Contact page and I will be happy to tell you more about myself or my services.


Fashion (Studio and Locations)                              

Runway (Fashion shows, fashion weeks)

Weddings & Bridal events  



Freelance Photography (MA)  - Birmingham City University, 2013

Film and Media (BA) - University of Otago, 2011

Fine Arts (NZQA) 

Photography (NZQA)

Hannah Kate Lemon

1990: Born in Osaka, Japan

2006: Moved to Dunedin, New Zealand. 
Attended Hilda's Collegiate School where she fell in love with photography.

2009: Enrolled at University of Otago. 

2012: Graduated University of Otago in Film and Media Communications (BA) with a minor in Design.

2012: Moved to Birmingham, UK. 
Graduated from Birmingham City University with Freelance Photography (MA)

2013: Moved to London to start a career as freelance fashion photographer.

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